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The Tyrannical Government have truly disgraced themselves. 

These are the same corrupt tyrannical government who would have promoted and partake in the slave trade.

These are the same corrupt tyrannical government committing Evil Crimes Against Humanity today.

The corrupt Main Stream Media are the same Media who would have sided with slavery and sided with the corrupt government involved in the slave trade.

And they would have come with some justification on why they sided with slavery!!

Slavery was once Law YET it is WRONG! 

Just following orders is NOT an excuse. You are just as Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

There were People who kept quiet even when they knew slavery was going on right under their nose!!!!

Regardless of what you think the Law is, if it is Tyrannical, It is the DUTY of the people to REJECT such Laws.

These Media people and those siding with this Tyrannical Evil government are also Vile Disgusting Evil Creatures.

We stand with the people of Australia

We stand with the indigenous people of Australia

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